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Open, Collaborative, Effective, Certified

The EduOpen platform hosts courses for areas of special interest, be they major disciplines, professional subjects or issues in scientific research. The courses, taught by experts from Italian universities, cover a wide range of areas: from Art to Maths, from Humanities to Engineering, from Statistics to Medical Sciences.

Keep in contact with your classmates, tutors and teachers by accessing our quality learning resources. Some courses will grant you a certificate. Download and reuse our materials! Since all resources are published under a Creative Commons license (4.0 International, Attribution-NonCommercial) they are shareware – provided that your purposes are non-commercial and that you credit the author.


Our platform

Easy, Open Source, Innovative, Interactive

Based on a standard Moodle release, the EduOpen platform is easy to use!

Access the platform, log in (please use your university account if you are a student or a member of the university staff), check the catalogue, choose your course, register and… you’re ready to start!

Watch the lectures, work with teachers and colleagues, complete your assignments. Check your dashboard for your ongoing courses and earn an open badge for each completed course.


Our network

Creative, Interdisciplinary, Scholarly, Committed

Our project is financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Partners in our university consortium share ideas, knowledge, skills, know-how and research in educational technology. Our network fosters creativity and innovation in teaching methods and instruments. We have a partnership with external companies – Moodle of India, GARR, CINECA – which enhances our productivity and improves our efficiency.

Are you interested in joining the network? Please do contact us!


The Eduopen Network Partners

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University of Bari Aldo Moro
Polytechnic of Bari
Free University of
University of Catania
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University of Ferrara
University of Foggia
 University of Genoa
Università Politecnica
delle Marche
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University of
Modena and Reggio Emilia
University of Milano Bicocca
University of Parma
University of Perugia
Unisalento Unive  unipd stemma  
University of Salento
Ca' Foscari
University of Venice
 University of Padova



Development Partner


Dhruv Infoline Private Limited, a small but dedicated Indian company, is EduOpen’s Technology Partner. For further details please visit their website at http://www.lmsofindia.com.


In collaboration with

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  • Viale Antonio Allegri 13, 42121, Reggio Emilia (Italy) - c/o Centro Interateneo Edunova

  • ++39 0522 522 521

  • info@eduopen.org

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